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L’Authentique talks sustainable production: All of our colors are green.

Our water based paints are environment friendly. We accomplish this by limiting the amount of vaporizing chemicals in our paint. This makes the drying process odourless, a nice experience for everyone indoors.

L’Authentique talks responsible enterprise: ecologic craftsmanship

Quality is number 1 at L’Authentique. This is because of our love for our products. Responsible choices in resources and technique make our process ecological. So when ether you choose for our paints or interior decoration, you always go for green at L’Authentique.

L’Authentique talks surroundings: giving and maintaining value

‘Enjoy your surroundings’ is not just a statement. It’s something that has influenced us ever since the start of our products. You can find the evidence in our choice of recourses, manual process, energy consumption and distribution. In short, we try to contribute to the world with every step we take.

L’Authentique stands for:

  • Eco friendly production; this means we are sparing with our resources and won’t use solvents in our production process.
  • Knowledge of our resources; we know the origin of our resources and choose our dealers deliberately.
  • Environment friendly; water based paint is easy to remove from paintbrushes and other tools with warm water and soap.
  • Safety; our paint meets the safety toy standard so your youngster can enjoy all the colours.
  • Trash reduction: We recycle 90% of our residue, including paper, packaging and paint pots.
  • Printing: the used paper and printers bear the FSC hallmark.
  • Acknowledgement; our process earned certificate ISO 14001, 2004. Consistent improvement of our environmental management is a core value at L’Authentique.