About us

L'Authentique makes craftsmanship accessible by designing, producing and delivering high-quality, self-made paints and interior decor items. L'Authentique products enable everyone to add a real experience to their interior; providing stylish products with an eye for detail.

L'Authentique is a stylish, minimalistic paint and interior brand with a focus on high-quality products, interior styling, Scandinavian design, and craftsmanship. Through knowledge, passion, and craftsmanship, L'Authentique provides elements that perfectly match elegant, timeless and modern interiors.

Born from a passion for interior and design, Sylvia Schouten created and developed her own line of products. Having started out with paints, within a few years the L'Authentique brand developed into a unique and contemporary interior brand, to which, after a few years of growth, the interior design branch was added. Always of high quality, unique in design and hand-made... Sylvia elevates rooms with the L'Authentique brand that creates atmosphere, communicates an experience and looks minimalistic, without following short-lived or snapshot trends. Both the paint products and furniture pieces in the collection elevate the interior with eye-catchers, without ever losing sight of the balance between subtlety and decisiveness.

From its workshop in the Limburg town of Echt, the showroom in Culemborg and various European dealers spread across Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France, L'Authentique provides a selection of colours in the form of various paints and unique furniture pieces. L'Authentique has made a conscious decision not to offer standard products but aims for uniqueness by working with various types of paint such as lime and chalk paint. L'Authentique's collections and products set the tone for adding an element of experience to your interior.

The strong combination of contemporary influences, a recognisable style and minimalist details makes L'Authentique interiors striking in their use of structure, recognition and colour. With their quiet and modern atmosphere, L'Authentique products and designs offer a striking experience, with timeless simplicity.